bhairav blue


I collaborated with Greg Uyeda to create the sounds for this animation.

You can use the still image– a frame from the animation– to practice focusing your eyes appropriately for viewing this convergent stereoscopic video. Perceiving the image in 3 dimensions requires seeing the right half of the image with the left eye, and the left half of the image with the right eye. You must make sure that the video is horizontal, and that your head is not tilted. You need to cross your vision, and focus it between yourself and the image. Crossing you vision will make duplicates of both right and left portions of the image. When the duplicate images are appropriately separated, an image should form at the centre of your vision, which should appear in three dimensions.

You can try placing an object, such as your finger, in between yourself and the image to practice crossing your vision. If you look at the object, and pay attention to the image, you will notice that the image duplicates. Moving the object closer to or away from yourself as you look at the object will change the separation of the duplicates of the image. At a certain distance, the duplicates should overlap appropriately, at which point you should maintain the focus of your vision, and remove the object to view the image in three dimensions.