I am Sadish.


The intent of my work is to communicate from the boundaries of my emotions, morals, knowledge, imagination, reason, and of the parts of my identity.


It is important to preserve the history of ideas. I deserve credit for my ideas. Since my expression is my act, I also need to be held accountable for it. So if you use my work, reproduce it, share it, or make references to it, please inform me as well as the public of your intent in doing so, and provide the source (usually a web-link) of my work. I may disapprove of your use of my work if I disapprove of your intent.

the story of chhepu [2021]

Charred finger points to secret. [2021]

misinformation and anxiety [2021]

migration under information asymmetry and employer learning [2019]

in uncertain transition [2018]

flute [2015]

ten rupees [2014]

bhairav blue [2013]

carbon filtration [2013]

jamaraa narahalaa [2012]

political campaign [2012]

visual [2012]

brothers forever [2012]

green interpreted [2012]

Those who urinate here are dogs. [2012]

visual [2011]

moth [2011]

maildrum map [2011]

portrait of a mathematician [2011]

gay mirage [2011]

Is Nepal a nation? [2011]

twelve string guitar [2010]

algorithmic manipulation and visualization of julia sets [2010]

Consciousness is hope. [2010]

stacked chairs [2008]

my father's forgotten shoes [2004]