carbon filtration

step 1: I took a beer bottle, and removed its base.

step 2: I covered the mouth of the bottle by tying around it a piece torn off a Khada (sacred cloth) blessed by a Rinpoche (ghelong urghen palshang rinpoche).

step 3: I filled half the bottle compactly with finely ground charcoal, which I obtained from a cremation site on the bank of the Bishnumati river in the Kathmandu valley (27.766259, 85.340324).

step 4: I put the remainder of the blessed cloth in the bottle, leaving some space for water to be added later.

step 5: I took water from the Kali Gandaki river (28.75482, 83.68928), poured it into the bottle to begin the filtration process, and collected the filtered water in a glass.

Then, I drank the filtered water.